Norton Setup nu16 Error?

When you face any Norton Setup nu16 Error in your PC or in Mac OS and getting warning messages like the hard drive disk damage or the system files failed to upload? In this blog will help you to solve these issues.

Replacing the disk driver needs a professional support because it is very risky to do it of your own. If we try to do it of our own we might do some steps wrong which will take us to the formatting of the entire startup disk. The right way to do this is to follow the guide which comes along with manufacturer hard disk drive, you will see the step by step procedure of installing the disk drivers.

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Follow the steps as listed below to replace the damaged disk driver-

  1. Power on the Mac OS or PC.
  2. Use the particular disk that contains the setup utility and use the same for formatting the hard disk.
  3. Open the Norton Utility 16 application.
  4. Search for ‘Update or Reinstall Driver’, after you’re done with locating the volume.
  5. Select ‘Update Driver’ in Norton Drive setup.
  6. Search for an update or replace driver feature in the Norton Utility and select it, after you are sure of the following things
  • Choose the correct volume for the Norton Driver update.
  • Update the Norton Driver, wouldn’t cause the volume to be initialized. If the Norton utility 16 warns you about the same then there is no need to proceed further.
  1. Reboot your Mac OS after you have successfully completed updating the Norton Driver.
  2. Run Norton Disk Doctor, to make sure no other issue persists.

Replacing the damaged system files in Mac OS might remove any special system beep sound, which you have installed in the damaged system file. In order to get rid of this issue, you need to refer your Mac OS user’s guide and follow the correct steps to perform a clean System install.

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