Public Wi-Fi Risk Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security Software by Norton trademark by Symantec Corporation is an antivirus program that protects our computer system from malware, infection, phishing and worms with other adware before the removal of the subscription period. It does also protect us from the outside attacks by providing home firewall, email spam sifting, and phishing security.

In the growing technological, peoples are having all sort of latest devices with them, which they carry wherever they go and get themselves connected with the public Wi-Fi internet connections. When they want to connect with the public Wi-Fi connection they forgot to protect their devices from the public internet connection. This is where the security gets sacrifice theirs because they are willing to access the free Wi-Fi connection. The users ignore or are unaware of the risk from the hackers, according to the survey done by Symantec. Norton 360 Technical Support guide and warned users to not use the public internet connection and if are using it then there should be properly secured arrangements need to be done. To protect devices from the possible threats we need to install the reliable Norton antivirus security. This software protects our entire device from the all coming threat in the public place or to get required work in the unsafe or unsecured internet connection.

Public Wi-Fi Risk Norton Internet Security

A report on the Public Wi-Fi internet access released worldwide said a majority of people has potentially situated their personal info at danger or danger while using public Wi-Fi. In public places, they forgot about the security while doing such activities and work on the personal email account, their bank account or use some other financial information, access email and more.

This report also revealed that the people those are doing such activities, they are very much aware of such factors. So, keeping save from such fake and faulty environment we should have to have Norton securities.

Benefits of Norton Antivirus program:

The Antivirus Security Software is the advanced programming security suite. The product could be access on MS Windows, Mac OS X, iOS stage and Android as well. The Norton product comes with three distinct versions, like Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium.

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