Who should be accountable for a Security Breach?

Norton Antivirus Protection: In today’s world all the agencies including the government, corporations, small, big or any individual are facing the threats of the Cybersecurity and becoming the victims of cyber attacks.

It is very true to accept that every sort of business is moving towards the cloud and mobile applications so there are staying ahead of everyone. Cloud storage and with the use of the mobile applications increase security risks for all the enterprises or businesses, no matter what size they are.

The only question that comes to our mind that is responsible for the security breaches. The answer is almost everyone. It is proof that the cyber attacks are happening in our digital life on a daily basis through creative and innovative.

Some ways a data breach can occur are:

  • Use of the unsecured internet services.
  • Not protecting the used, stored and sent data.
  • Lack of data protection services and processes.
  • Data theft from the unlocked system.
  • Stealing from the unencrypted devices and files.

As per the report of the healthcare area “More than 90% of organizations have suffered lots of data breach in the last two years. The leading cause was the criminal intent; these cases were not even identified immediately.

Who should be blamed when a data breach occurs? Human beings are the weakest in the security chain. Breaches also happen due to gaps in the technology.

IT managers are to be blamed as it is their responsibility to keep ahead of hackers. None of the systems is immune to the threat, but the impact can be minimized if the threat is diagnosed in time.  IT departments and CISOs in the organizations are responsible for the access of data, but things are a bit more complicated.

Leadership and business owners are also accountable; they are the one who is responsible for guiding the IT department in terms of which data should be protected on priority. Although the large organizations can still afford hi-end security systems and solutions, SMBs often don’t have that much luxury.

The Internet has redefined the ways our systems run. Cloud technology can solve the security puzzle to a great extent. Security is something that will rule the world in the upcoming time. Such operation will not only facilitate breach alleviation but will also change the security blame game.

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