How to use Google Assistant Gadget?

Google Assistant Gadget is another example of Artificial Intelligence as a home-based gadget with the facility of a smart speaker. It is basically a voice-based device work on the instructions given like play music for you and performs the tasks when you are completely busy with your hands. But wait, let see how it works? A new feature Routine is introduced by the Google Corporation, allows the user to execute Google Home actions with a command. Specific kinds of command are needed to execute a particular task, for example, by saying “Good Morning” to the Google Home Gadget device it will turn on the lights and like this, there are some other commands which are needed to complete other tasks.

Use Google Assistant Gadget

Some other commands are as follow to complete other tasks-

1. Bedtime

  • This command makes your phone in the silent mode.
  • It will set the alarm.
  • It does play music with a sleep timer.
  • Adjust the volume.

2. Leaving Home

  • It adjusts work like light, plugs, and thermostats.

3. I’m home

  • Home location reminders.
  • Plays radio, news, and other audio services.
  • Broadcast to Google Home when you back home.

4. Commuting Home

  • Play music, radio, and other audio services.
  • Adjust the volume.
  • It will inform you about the weather, calendar, events, and reminder.

5. Commuting to work

  • It works same while commuting home.

So making this to happen, you have to set up the Google Routine feature with Google Assistant. If you do not know how to do it, below we have given you some steps to set up and use of Routines.

Here’s how to setup Routines in Google Assistant

  1. Install GoogleAssistant app on your phone.
  2. Open Google Assistant App.
  3. Click on the upper-right corner and tap on the icon.
  4. Now, Select Settings option from the menu bar.
  5. Scroll down to Services
  6. Now select Routines.
  7. At the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Plus button to create a new routine.
  8. Some devices already have Good Morning routines installed. Tap GoodMorning option.
  9. Select a phrase or command from the given list which you want Routine to perform.
  10. If you wish to make your own phrase do it by tapping plus sign.
  11. Now, schedule your routine by selecting the day and the time when you want this routine to get active.
  12. Now, give the command which you want the Google Assistant to perform.
  13. You can play the musicradiopodcast and other audio services.
  14. Adjust media Volume and Thermostat as per your need.

That’s all. You need to set up for the Routines with Google Assistant.

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