How to Keep iPhone More Secure?

Keeping iPhone Safe: What you will do one day when you get up and you did not find your phone nearby and you think you lost your iPhone. What can you do when you go to the market and someone snatches your phone from your hand? What do you think you will get your phone back under such situations? Keeping it safe and secure it is your prime responsibility, so in this blog, we will instruct you on some tracking your iPhone when lost.

How to Keep iPhone More Secure

·          Passcode a very handy tool

Prefer to set a passcode, you should set a passcode for your iPhone, so no one can access it or take the benefit of misusing it. Always put a handy passcode of 6 digits with the alphanumeric code. Alternately do have other two safety features as well to protect your iPhone that is Face ID and  Touch ID, you need not to enter your passcode all the times unless, your finger got damaged or got some cut on it or you have put something on it which covers your fingerprints. You may set passcode by going to Settings>Touch ID> & Passcode or Settings>Face ID & Passcode and validate your face or fingerprint.

· Set your iPhone lock immediately.

When you left your iPhone in the market by mistake or anywhere else if someone got your phone in the unlock condition. In such situations, you need to set your iPhone to passcode required after a specific time since the last unlocked. This setting will make you enter your passcode no matter from how long you unlocked it. This means after every task you have to enter the passcode to make it unlock. You can set this option by going to the “Settings” page and set “Require Passcode” to immediately.

·         Turn on Find My iPhone.

This is the most effective step in terms of finding the iPhone, you need to enable Find my iPhone. It is very convenient and easy to set up. With this settings, you can easily track your lost iPhone from the other iPhone or from the iOS device. Go to Settings> iCloud > Find My iPhone and adjust the switch on for Find My iPhone.

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