Backup of Norton Online Files manually?

Norton Online Backup?

Norton Online Backup: Norton Antivirus is the world best software which ensures the backup, safety, and protection of your computer system data. The worldwide popular cybersecurity brand Norton Antivirus also offers a Norton product which online makes the backup for you for your confidential files and media.

Norton Online Backup provides you with the facility to secure your data from any type of theft like data loss, virus attack or malware with you can download from the website Once installed, it automatically backup all your information and data; however, by using the other method you can back up your files manually. The only thing which you need is the proper installation of this software in your computer system or device. Even the manual backup is very simple to do for the required files.

Check out these steps to keep a copy of the files to Norton cloud storage:

  • In case you want back up from your computer follow these steps:                                        
    1. First, make sure you quitted all the running applications and programs
    2. Now, select any of the followings depending on the operating system you are using
      1. For Windows- Go to the notification area
      2. Now, right-click the online back- up
  • Click on the back up now
  1. For Mac-Go to the Menu bar
  2. Right-click the Norton Online Backup
  3. Click on the Back Up Now.
  • To back up files from the website accessed via a remote computer system
  1. Visit the official website of Norton Online Backup
  2. Now, sign in by entering your registered email ID/username and password
  3. Hit Back Up Now
  4. Wait until the backup process is done

For more information about Norton online backup or, you need to visit the website

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