Why Norton Antivirus is different from Windows Defender?

Norton antivirus protects computer systems from virus and hacking attacks. This software from the Norton security prevents the occurrence of several infections that are responsible for the slow performance of your device and may steal your data. Windows users think that having a Windows Defender is good for the computer system and it works similarly the way Norton antivirus do which we can download from norton.com/setup. However, there are some of the security features that are only included in the Norton. Have a look:

  1. Regular Background Scans Checkups

In this digital world where we have the inventions of lots of virus every day, it is necessary to ensure a regular background scanning checkups. Microsoft Windows Defender only blocks known malware which is mentioned in its database whereas Norton security software works continuously in the background to monitor all your online and offline activities.

  1. Advanced Technologies
  • Intrusion Prevention System or IPS

Once you install and activate Norton setup, the antivirus keeps an eagle eye on the network traffic and blocks malicious attacks before they cause any damage to your device. This dedicated security technology also prevents your device from cybercriminals’ attacks.

  • Emulation and sandboxing of the viruses and malware

With the intent of entering the computer systems, Cybercrooks inject the viruses into legitimate software and users download them thinking they are virus-free. Norton uses a highly advanced emulator to identify this trick and ensure that the application or the software you are attempting to download is safe. Norton security software scans and analyzes all suspicious files to check their behavior and action before permitting them to run on the device.

  • PEP or Proactive Exploit Protection

This specialized technology protects computer systems from zero-day attacks the definition or the script of whose is not specified in the virus definitions.

  1. Two-way firewall

Norton security software solutions prevent unauthorized access of your software, network, and applications. It immediately blocks the traffic that is not safe for your device.

Other security features that make Norton security software different from Microsoft Windows Defender are anti-spam, social network protection, compatibility with multiple web browsers, and cloud-based management. For further information on how to download any Norton antivirus from Norton.com/setup, contact Norton customer service number and get immediate help from a technician.

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