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Update Google Chrome: A lot of things can be done with the help of Google Chrome. It is on the Top in terms of other browser competing for internet browsers such as Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Its popularity is rising because of its ease of use. For the most part, updates are on auto-pilot, which you need not take the pain for updating it.

Chrome’s Update Schedule

Google released a publicly available calendar with probable open dates for upcoming versions of Chrome. These updates are automatic, and when they are available, Chrome will apply them next time you open browser window. As there are so many users, it may take from a few days to a full week to get the latest version for everyone. It is also possible to manually trigger an update if you want to ensure that you are on the latest version. Google’s Chrome web browser was probably the first web browser to provide automatic updates. This was a revolutionary transformation.

Prior to this feature, it used to be the user’s responsibility to update their web browser. So basically, only vigilant and diligent users used to update their web browsers. It is vital to have a secure and full web experience for auto-updating. Although in most cases, Chrome will check for the updates and automatically update itself.

What to do if Chrome is not Auto Updating?

If you are told that Chrome is running out of date, then you need to wait a few hours, and Chrome will auto update itself. If this is also not happening, then it is possible that:

  • Your System’s firewall is disabling Chrome from checking if there are updates.
  • Maybe your employer has blocked Chrome from auto-updating.
  • Maybe you or someone else has configured your Chrome to not Auto Update.

How to Update Chrome?

The process is the same for Windows as it is for MacOS.

  1. Just Hit the “Chrome” menu- This will enable a menu with a lot of options. One of them will be with the name, “About Google Chrome.”
  2. Enter About Google Chrome- You will get to the About page for Chrome.
  3. Chrome will check for updates automatically- Chrome will tell you Updating Google Chrome while it checks for the new version.
  4. When Chrome finds updates, It will download it automatically- Hit Relaunch to install them.
  5. When Chrome relaunches, you will be running the latest version.
  6. Chrome now will tell you that Google Chrome is up to date.

Chrome will keep itself up to date automatically in normal circumstances.

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