YouTube Red and YouTube Premium

YouTube Red provides you the better experience with its premium version, which is now available and has launched with the ad-free environment and with the original videos and show are being uploaded in it. Its quality of the video is far better than the earlier version and it’s definitely worth checking out.

On 29 August 2018, YouTube Premium makes entry to four more countries. As YouTube Premium continuous expanding its arms to different continues, it has now been confirmed that the following countries are going to get the services available in Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. YouTube and YouTube Premium are recently launched by the Google Play Store and are very much similar to the Google Play music. On the other hand, the streaming music service, are having the benefit of producing things online ad-free Youtube experience.

YouTube Red and YouTube Premium

Youtube Music

YouTube music and same facility provided by the competitor like Apple Music or Spotify. Users are doing the streaming, sign up or watch music videos on YouTube. There are two plans. One free, ad-free which is available at the price of $9.99 for those who wants to download music without the ads. There is an app for Android and iOS. YouTube Red is now got the new name as YouTube Premium. You must be remembering YouTube Red? It’s now YouTube Premium. The ad-free Youtube service now is called YouTube Premium.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium have everything like the same which earlier Youtube contains. Music, subscriptions,  ad-free streaming, content which are downloadable, background playback and many more. Youtube experience and access to the Youtube Original content. You can also gain the ability to download or view videos online on YouTube. Youtube premium is the price is a bit higher than the YouTube Music. It costs $11.99 per month.

What about the Play Music?

It is included already. If you sign up for the YouTube Music or the YouTube Premium, you will also have access to Google Play Music. But Unfortunately, Music library and the playlist remain separate in two services. Google is now working towards merging the two, and they will be able to move forward with one solution.

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