YouTube Red and YouTube Premium

YouTube Red provides you the better experience with its premium version, which is now available and has launched with the ad-free environment and with the original videos and show are being uploaded in it. Its quality of the video is far better than the earlier version and it’s definitely worth checking out.

On 29 August 2018, YouTube Premium makes entry to four more countries. As YouTube Premium continuous expanding its arms to different continues, it has now been confirmed that the following countries are going to get the services available in Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. YouTube and YouTube Premium are recently launched by the Google Play Store and are very much similar to the Google Play music. On the other hand, the streaming music service, are having the benefit of producing things online ad-free Youtube experience.

YouTube Red and YouTube Premium

Youtube Music

YouTube music and same facility provided by the competitor like Apple Music or Spotify. Users are doing the streaming, sign up or watch music videos on YouTube. There are two plans. One free, ad-free which is available at the price of $9.99 for those who wants to download music without the ads. There is an app for Android and iOS. YouTube Red is now got the new name as YouTube Premium. You must be remembering YouTube Red? It’s now YouTube Premium. The ad-free Youtube service now is called YouTube Premium.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium have everything like the same which earlier Youtube contains. Music, subscriptions,  ad-free streaming, content which are downloadable, background playback and many more. Youtube experience and access to the Youtube Original content. You can also gain the ability to download or view videos online on YouTube. Youtube premium is the price is a bit higher than the YouTube Music. It costs $11.99 per month.

What about the Play Music?

It is included already. If you sign up for the YouTube Music or the YouTube Premium, you will also have access to Google Play Music. But Unfortunately, Music library and the playlist remain separate in two services. Google is now working towards merging the two, and they will be able to move forward with one solution.

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Backup of Norton Online Files manually?

Norton Online Backup?

Norton Online Backup: Norton Antivirus is the world best software which ensures the backup, safety, and protection of your computer system data. The worldwide popular cybersecurity brand Norton Antivirus also offers a Norton product which online makes the backup for you for your confidential files and media.

Norton Online Backup provides you with the facility to secure your data from any type of theft like data loss, virus attack or malware with you can download from the website Once installed, it automatically backup all your information and data; however, by using the other method you can back up your files manually. The only thing which you need is the proper installation of this software in your computer system or device. Even the manual backup is very simple to do for the required files.

Check out these steps to keep a copy of the files to Norton cloud storage:

  • In case you want back up from your computer follow these steps:                                        
    1. First, make sure you quitted all the running applications and programs
    2. Now, select any of the followings depending on the operating system you are using
      1. For Windows- Go to the notification area
      2. Now, right-click the online back- up
  • Click on the back up now
  1. For Mac-Go to the Menu bar
  2. Right-click the Norton Online Backup
  3. Click on the Back Up Now.
  • To back up files from the website accessed via a remote computer system
  1. Visit the official website of Norton Online Backup
  2. Now, sign in by entering your registered email ID/username and password
  3. Hit Back Up Now
  4. Wait until the backup process is done

For more information about Norton online backup or, you need to visit the website | Norton Technical Support Service

Norton Technical Support

The Norton antivirus is the world best software from all the other software Its features are the best in Antivirus industries. The Norton antivirus is also the best in the Android and iOS platforms all the gadgets are using this antivirus software in it. Its quality to fight with the malware and making the gadgets safe are the best with such categories of devices and make them safe from the attackers. Norton internet security setup, Norton support setup, Norton Antivirus Setup.

This antivirus software made to discover and remove adware and spyware and adware like malware, adware, adware red wigglers, Key lumberjacks, Trojans and also Backdoor.

The reason for bring on top is it execution of Norton antivirus to give security from a wide range of antivirus, spyware and adware, and other risky components.


Common Norton Antivirus Problem Faced by User

  1. Norton Antivirus setup not updating
    2. Errors in setting up installation & re-installation of Norton Antivirus
    3. Problem in configuration system setting
    4. Sudden crashing of the computer
    5. Issue in network setup
    6. Scan computer for better computer performance

Norton customer support provided all types Services

  1. Installing & uninstalling Norton antivirus setup
    2. Troubleshooting basic safety same problems
    3. Norton Antivirus setup not working properly
    4. Norton Antivirus setup unable to up-date
    5. Fixing issues related with your personal PC problems
    6. Support for installing the Norton antivirus
    7. Removing threats and updating adware & spyware

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Virus tackle by Beginners – Norton.Com/Setup

Norton Antivirus Tackle by Beginner: Taking full care of the computer does not mean that the virus will not come, still, there are many chances of the virus to come in after installing antivirus or anti-spyware. Now the virus is having a more control over your computer rather than your control on the computer. A common solution is that to format the computer hard drive and reinstalling of the Windows Operating System again, but all the information, the necessary files, etc. which are in the computer system all goes away. In such cases, you need to run the anti-virus and anti-spyware software which we try to remove such viruses from your computer.

Other processes through which you can remove such viruses are from infected computers through a process are mentioned below. Some free software will be required to put more safety into your computer system.

  1. C-Cleaner
  2. Cleanup
  3. Trend Micro Siskin package
  4. Spybot Search and Destroy
  5. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  6. Gamer Scanner
  7. Zone Alarm Firewall
  8. Norton setup– Norton antivirus & Security Setup

First of all, make sure you will take the backup your data. Copy all the necessary files into a pen drive or a CD-DVD drive.

Now, you need clean the unwanted files and for this first you should install the C-cleaner and cleanup software. First run the C-cleaner. Click on the C-cleaner software  and run it, now click on Scan Registry button the look for the issues within your computer system. Once you got a detail of all the issues by the software, now click on the Fix Selected Issue and press delete button to delete all the unwanted issues.

Now, restart your computer to implement the changes done.

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How to Keep iPhone More Secure?

Keeping iPhone Safe: What you will do one day when you get up and you did not find your phone nearby and you think you lost your iPhone. What can you do when you go to the market and someone snatches your phone from your hand? What do you think you will get your phone back under such situations? Keeping it safe and secure it is your prime responsibility, so in this blog, we will instruct you on some tracking your iPhone when lost.

How to Keep iPhone More Secure

·          Passcode a very handy tool

Prefer to set a passcode, you should set a passcode for your iPhone, so no one can access it or take the benefit of misusing it. Always put a handy passcode of 6 digits with the alphanumeric code. Alternately do have other two safety features as well to protect your iPhone that is Face ID and  Touch ID, you need not to enter your passcode all the times unless, your finger got damaged or got some cut on it or you have put something on it which covers your fingerprints. You may set passcode by going to Settings>Touch ID> & Passcode or Settings>Face ID & Passcode and validate your face or fingerprint.

· Set your iPhone lock immediately.

When you left your iPhone in the market by mistake or anywhere else if someone got your phone in the unlock condition. In such situations, you need to set your iPhone to passcode required after a specific time since the last unlocked. This setting will make you enter your passcode no matter from how long you unlocked it. This means after every task you have to enter the passcode to make it unlock. You can set this option by going to the “Settings” page and set “Require Passcode” to immediately.

·         Turn on Find My iPhone.

This is the most effective step in terms of finding the iPhone, you need to enable Find my iPhone. It is very convenient and easy to set up. With this settings, you can easily track your lost iPhone from the other iPhone or from the iOS device. Go to Settings> iCloud > Find My iPhone and adjust the switch on for Find My iPhone.

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How to use Google Assistant Gadget?

Google Assistant Gadget is another example of Artificial Intelligence as a home-based gadget with the facility of a smart speaker. It is basically a voice-based device work on the instructions given like play music for you and performs the tasks when you are completely busy with your hands. But wait, let see how it works? A new feature Routine is introduced by the Google Corporation, allows the user to execute Google Home actions with a command. Specific kinds of command are needed to execute a particular task, for example, by saying “Good Morning” to the Google Home Gadget device it will turn on the lights and like this, there are some other commands which are needed to complete other tasks.

Use Google Assistant Gadget

Some other commands are as follow to complete other tasks-

1. Bedtime

  • This command makes your phone in the silent mode.
  • It will set the alarm.
  • It does play music with a sleep timer.
  • Adjust the volume.

2. Leaving Home

  • It adjusts work like light, plugs, and thermostats.

3. I’m home

  • Home location reminders.
  • Plays radio, news, and other audio services.
  • Broadcast to Google Home when you back home.

4. Commuting Home

  • Play music, radio, and other audio services.
  • Adjust the volume.
  • It will inform you about the weather, calendar, events, and reminder.

5. Commuting to work

  • It works same while commuting home.

So making this to happen, you have to set up the Google Routine feature with Google Assistant. If you do not know how to do it, below we have given you some steps to set up and use of Routines.

Here’s how to setup Routines in Google Assistant

  1. Install GoogleAssistant app on your phone.
  2. Open Google Assistant App.
  3. Click on the upper-right corner and tap on the icon.
  4. Now, Select Settings option from the menu bar.
  5. Scroll down to Services
  6. Now select Routines.
  7. At the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Plus button to create a new routine.
  8. Some devices already have Good Morning routines installed. Tap GoodMorning option.
  9. Select a phrase or command from the given list which you want Routine to perform.
  10. If you wish to make your own phrase do it by tapping plus sign.
  11. Now, schedule your routine by selecting the day and the time when you want this routine to get active.
  12. Now, give the command which you want the Google Assistant to perform.
  13. You can play the musicradiopodcast and other audio services.
  14. Adjust media Volume and Thermostat as per your need.

That’s all. You need to set up for the Routines with Google Assistant.

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How to share files from Norton Online Backup via Email?

Share Norton Online Backup Files Using Email – Norton allows you to protect your devices from the viruses and other cyber attacks. You can download, install and activate your version of the Norton product from the link online. You can also share the backup of all the Norton files to your other devices. Here in this article, we will be discussing the process to Share Norton Online Backup Files Using Email.

Share Norton Online Backup Files Using Email

                                                       share files from Norton Online Backup via Email

Steps to Share Norton Online Backup Files Using Email –

  • First of all, you need to login to your account using valid login credentials.
  • Furthermore, go to your computer and then click on the on the File Actions.
  • Select the email file links and then type the email address of the receiver.
  • In addition, you need to select the number of days from the drop-down.
  • The link for the download will be available for the days you have selected in the above steps.
  • You can also add the password to download your product using that link.
  • Now, you need to add the backup files to your email which you want to send.
  • You can browse the file from your system and then click on the send button.

If you follow the procedure given above then you will be able to Share Norton Online Backup Files Using Email. In case you find it difficult to share the files then you may contact Norton Support. Our experts will provide you the guaranteed resolution related to the issue in a very less time. Also, you can connect with our support team by using the link online.

FAQs –

  • How to troubleshoot Norton online backup additional storage cost
  • what is Norton online backup and do I need it
  • how to use Norton backup
  • Where to find Norton online backup review
  • How to get Norton online backup pricing
  • where does Norton backup store files
  • Error: Norton backup drive won’t open
  • norton online backup should I remove it

You can fix these issues by contacting the Norton Support team using the toll-free number. Also, you may visit the link for the further details and information.

Who should be accountable for a Security Breach?

Norton Antivirus Protection: In today’s world all the agencies including the government, corporations, small, big or any individual are facing the threats of the Cybersecurity and becoming the victims of cyber attacks.

It is very true to accept that every sort of business is moving towards the cloud and mobile applications so there are staying ahead of everyone. Cloud storage and with the use of the mobile applications increase security risks for all the enterprises or businesses, no matter what size they are.

The only question that comes to our mind that is responsible for the security breaches. The answer is almost everyone. It is proof that the cyber attacks are happening in our digital life on a daily basis through creative and innovative.

Some ways a data breach can occur are:

  • Use of the unsecured internet services.
  • Not protecting the used, stored and sent data.
  • Lack of data protection services and processes.
  • Data theft from the unlocked system.
  • Stealing from the unencrypted devices and files.

As per the report of the healthcare area “More than 90% of organizations have suffered lots of data breach in the last two years. The leading cause was the criminal intent; these cases were not even identified immediately.

Who should be blamed when a data breach occurs? Human beings are the weakest in the security chain. Breaches also happen due to gaps in the technology.

IT managers are to be blamed as it is their responsibility to keep ahead of hackers. None of the systems is immune to the threat, but the impact can be minimized if the threat is diagnosed in time.  IT departments and CISOs in the organizations are responsible for the access of data, but things are a bit more complicated.

Leadership and business owners are also accountable; they are the one who is responsible for guiding the IT department in terms of which data should be protected on priority. Although the large organizations can still afford hi-end security systems and solutions, SMBs often don’t have that much luxury.

The Internet has redefined the ways our systems run. Cloud technology can solve the security puzzle to a great extent. Security is something that will rule the world in the upcoming time. Such operation will not only facilitate breach alleviation but will also change the security blame game.

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Fee Trial 180-Days Symantec Norton Security Software The old promotion run by the Symantec with their Norton Facebook account, and it is still working with them those who purchase them. A couple of years ago they offered 180-days with the full version of Norton Antivirus 2012, and it is still working which is a very good news, its setup file is still working along with the regular updates for the Norton Antivirus to the latest version – Norton 2017 / 2018.

The other offer is the 6-month Norton AntiVirus which is again available to new users only, to get the benefits of it we need to make a new account and register with the Norton Antivirus website, with the new windows in your PC because this offer will not work on the Old windows where you have availed this offer before for Norton antivirus product.

Symantec Norton Security Software

Key Features of Norton Antivirus 2017 / 2018:

  • Eliminates Viruses and Spyware
  • Virus definition updates every few minutes
  • Advanced Cloud-Based Program
  • Five Patented Layers of Protection
  • Stealth scans and Ultra-fast scans
  • Usable and modern interface
  • Low memory consumption
  • Less than-a-minute installation

Now, here’s the difference between Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360? Norton Antivirus is just an antivirus which keeps track of the viruses only, whereas Internet Security comes with firewall protection and 360 comes with all the following features to fight with the malware, phishing websites and to take the backup and tuneup. Works great on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

When it comes to antivirus programs, never download any Norton Antivirus from the torrent websites, it is a big risk to do so because the hacker knew that you have installed not the original one but the pirated one. So always go for the trial version if you cannot afford or buy the full and original version.

For more information on download please visit these links install Norton setup visit activation website

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Norton Antivirus Support for windows safe functioning Windows in your system is the lifeline for making everything to go well. If something went wrong in it or it may get corrupted you will find yourself in a really hard time to fix it. Without windows, it will be very difficult for you to run the entire functioning of the computer system. So, to take proper care of it you should take care of its Windows operating system to make it function for a longer period of time. A proper scan by good Antivirus is must be required within every week. It completely changes the entire functioning by taking care of it from all the outside cyber attack threats. In this Norton Antivirus Technical Support is a great guide for you. Which will help you in managing your computer system up-to-date and advanced?

Taking support from the Norton Antivirus Technical Support gives you much support to protect your computer for the better safety. If you are someone who wants their device to work properly, then you should have to take the support of Norton Customer Support and they will assure you to give the best services. Windows Operating system needs a proper maintenance if you want to work on it on a daily basis.

Norton Antivirus support services can be availed at any time of the day, they are available 24×7 to protect systems without getting your current work disturbed. Any time of the day as in, we are open round the clock. Whenever you have any problem related to it, get the most appropriate service for your windows system. Norton 360 support is the only name that comes in mind because of its features and results as per the feedback. It makes your computer and the Windows operating system secure, reliable and very fast and smooth in functioning. Proper operation of this product from the Norton is keeping your system updated all the times.

Norton 360 Support and its support will never disappoint you from it services. Every user has given us a green signal and this only possible because of our most efficient work and activity towards our customers. We are ready to serve our customers round the clock. You can fix the timing of getting the installation done according to your comfort and you can also decide the venue for the same.

For more information on download and install Norton setup visit official website

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