Public Wi-Fi Risk Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security Software by Norton trademark by Symantec Corporation is an antivirus program that protects our computer system from malware, infection, phishing and worms with other adware before the removal of the subscription period. It does also protect us from the outside attacks by providing home firewall, email spam sifting, and phishing security.

In the growing technological, peoples are having all sort of latest devices with them, which they carry wherever they go and get themselves connected with the public Wi-Fi internet connections. When they want to connect with the public Wi-Fi connection they forgot to protect their devices from the public internet connection. This is where the security gets sacrifice theirs because they are willing to access the free Wi-Fi connection. The users ignore or are unaware of the risk from the hackers, according to the survey done by Symantec. Norton 360 Technical Support guide and warned users to not use the public internet connection and if are using it then there should be properly secured arrangements need to be done. To protect devices from the possible threats we need to install the reliable Norton antivirus security. This software protects our entire device from the all coming threat in the public place or to get required work in the unsafe or unsecured internet connection.

Public Wi-Fi Risk Norton Internet Security

A report on the Public Wi-Fi internet access released worldwide said a majority of people has potentially situated their personal info at danger or danger while using public Wi-Fi. In public places, they forgot about the security while doing such activities and work on the personal email account, their bank account or use some other financial information, access email and more.

This report also revealed that the people those are doing such activities, they are very much aware of such factors. So, keeping save from such fake and faulty environment we should have to have Norton securities.

Benefits of Norton Antivirus program:

The Antivirus Security Software is the advanced programming security suite. The product could be access on MS Windows, Mac OS X, iOS stage and Android as well. The Norton product comes with three distinct versions, like Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium.

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How to Download, Install and Activate Norton Antivirus?

Download Install Activate Norton – Norton Antivirus provides various protection to your computer systems, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices from the various attacks, online threats like Trojan horses, phishing scams, viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and ransomware etc.

These viruses and other online frauds come in you device took all the important information like bank account details, when you shop at any website, during downloading a file or document from website or email, etc.

How to Download, Install and Activate Norton Antivirus?

Download Install Activate Norton – This may take your confidential information or money from your bank account. Thankfully, Norton comes up with a wide range of security solutions in order to meet the specific requirements of the consumers as well as businesses. It includes:

  • Norton Security Premium
  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Norton Security Standard
  • Norton AntiVirus Basic
  • Norton WiFi Privacy
  • Norton Mobile Security
  • Norton Online Backup
  • Norton Utilities
  • Norton Family Premier

Follow the below steps to download, install and activate Norton antivirus to your device.

Download Install Activate Norton – Norton Download

  1. Sign in to your Norton account
  2. If you are a new user, register or sign up to create your account
  3. Now visit the Norton setup window and download any of the security solutions
  4. Enter the product key to continue the download process
  5. Click agree to finish the process
Download Install Activate Norton – Norton installation

Once the file is downloaded, follow these steps to initiate the installation process

  1. For IE or Microsoft Edge Browser – Click Run on the download file
  2. For Chrome- Double-click the downloaded file
  3. For Safari and Firefox- Click the download button available at the top-right corner of the web page and double-click the downloaded file
  4. If the User Account Control window prompts then click continue
Norton Activation
  1. When you will click the run (on any of the browser) for executing the installed setup, it will ask you for a product key in order to activate the antivirus
  2. You can find this 25-character product key written on the top of your antivirus
  3. Enter and click activate now

For more information, visit Norton official website.

Norton Setup nu16 Error?

When you face any Norton Setup nu16 Error in your PC or in Mac OS and getting warning messages like the hard drive disk damage or the system files failed to upload? In this blog will help you to solve these issues.

Replacing the disk driver needs a professional support because it is very risky to do it of your own. If we try to do it of our own we might do some steps wrong which will take us to the formatting of the entire startup disk. The right way to do this is to follow the guide which comes along with manufacturer hard disk drive, you will see the step by step procedure of installing the disk drivers.

You need to visit  for downloading hard disk drivers software.

Follow the steps as listed below to replace the damaged disk driver-

  1. Power on the Mac OS or PC.
  2. Use the particular disk that contains the setup utility and use the same for formatting the hard disk.
  3. Open the Norton Utility 16 application.
  4. Search for ‘Update or Reinstall Driver’, after you’re done with locating the volume.
  5. Select ‘Update Driver’ in Norton Drive setup.
  6. Search for an update or replace driver feature in the Norton Utility and select it, after you are sure of the following things
  • Choose the correct volume for the Norton Driver update.
  • Update the Norton Driver, wouldn’t cause the volume to be initialized. If the Norton utility 16 warns you about the same then there is no need to proceed further.
  1. Reboot your Mac OS after you have successfully completed updating the Norton Driver.
  2. Run Norton Disk Doctor, to make sure no other issue persists.

Replacing the damaged system files in Mac OS might remove any special system beep sound, which you have installed in the damaged system file. In order to get rid of this issue, you need to refer your Mac OS user’s guide and follow the correct steps to perform a clean System install.

For installing any Norton products, you need to visit

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Install Norton Antivirus –

Install Norton Antivirus – Norton Antivirus is the best Antivirus software in the world. It is a security application designed by the Norton Company to protect the devices from the malware and phishing threats available online. If you wish to download you can download and install the Norton product on your Windows as well as for Mac computers. In order to install your version of the product, you need to visit the official website at online. In this blog, we are going to discuss the procedure of Download and Install Norton Antivirus.

Install Norton Antivirus

Procedure to Download and Install Norton Antivirus –

  • First of all, open the web browsers.
  • Now, in the address bar Type or and hit enter.
  • Now, click on the Sign In button to log in to your Norton account, or create click sign up to create the new one.
  • Now, you need to click on the Download button.
  • Enter the 25 digit product key in the required field and click Submit.
  • The 25 digits product key can be found in the mailbox or on the backside of the product key card.
  • Now, click on the Agree & Download after selecting your product from the list.
  • Now run the downloaded file to start the setup.


  • You need to double click on the downloaded file to run the setup first.
  • First of all, find the downloads which are available for my computers downloads.
  • Search for it under that folder and run downloaded .exe file and double click on the file to run the Norton setup.
  • Now, click to agree with the term and conditions.
  • Enter the product key and login credentials, when asked.
  • Click Install Software and follow the instructions to finish the installation process.
  • In conclusion, click on the close button to exit from the activation wizard.
  • Now, we have a successful installation and now you can use the product to secure your computer.

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FAQs –

For more information, contact Norton Support for help visit; for the further troubleshooting and information.

‘Norton search safe’, Want to enable it?

Norton Search Safe : Anyone who is using the Norton Antivirus must have heard about the Norton Safe Search. Now, what is Norton Safe Search let us go into detail to see what it consists of?

‘Norton search safe’, Want to enable it?

Let’s talk about; what exactly is this Norton safe search?

Norton Search Safe

If you have installed any Antivirus in your computer with all the safety and security feature, it does not a new thing with the Antivirus but Norton Safe Search means an extra layer of security which enables you to search anything like the search engine but within the safe zone. Let talk about this in more details.

Norton safe search is a search engine developed by Norton itself with the intent of preventing their users from visiting phishing, risky, malicious and malware websites. Norton safe search makes the users to surf the internet safely; the main feature of this Norton Safe Search is to rank every website according to how safe they are. Norton Safe Search can be purchased online by visiting the official website: or offline from any outlet that provides Norton’s security products.

Difference between Norton Safe Search engine and other search engines?

Norton safe search functions are very much similar to all the other common search engines. However, the only the main factor that makes it unique is the added security layer that helps protect the user.

 How to enable Norton safe search

Now, there are lots of web browsers are available in the market and most of them support the Norton Safe Search. Among these are the most popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. These two are the best browsers available and covering the entire community of the internet users.

If you are using Google Chrome as your default browser, here are the steps that should guide you on how to enable Norton Safe Search in Chrome:

1. Launch the Norton application and open the settings window.

2. In the settings menu, click detailed Settings, click Identity

3. In the next window, you will also see another setting icon at the bottom, click on it.

4. Next, click General, and select your browser, Google Chrome. Just below it, you will see install Extension’. Click on it and let the installation process complete.

5. After it is done, open the Chrome browser. In the extension section, locate a certain radio button that should be of Norton Safe Search. Click on it to enable the engine.

The above-given steps will work in all the different web browser the only difference will come when it will prompt you to choose your web browser. In that step, you should select that browser in which you want to install this facility provided by the Norton so the extension of the same will get installed.

In the end, it is safe to install Norton Safe Search in your web browser. Right now the biggest issue is how to keep yourself safe from the cyber threats and this Norton Safe Search is the solution to this problem

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